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More Than Ever, Young People Need Currency-Builders

On this guest blog for the Skillman Foundation in Detroit, I explore why education and youth development must expand horizons, looking beyond what it takes to be "college- and career-ready" to consider what it takes for a young person to have a long and livable life. (~5 min. read)

From the blog:

Today’s young people are one of the most recession-resilient groups in modern history. They were born right after 9/11 and will exit K-12 the same way they came in — in an economic crisis during a time of global upheaval. The Great Recession and COVID pandemic bookend their K-12 schooling experience.

Disruption, volatility, and rapid change will follow them into adulthood. Alongside chaos will be incredible innovations and a future of work that includes new jobs and evolving relationships to technology and each other. While young people are digital and disruption natives, many lack a roadmap for what is ahead, as well as the resources to make it.

To ensure they get what they need, we must expand our horizon beyond college and career readiness to preparing young people for the possibility of long and livable lives.

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