Let's work together.

I would love to work with you to make sure young people are ready for the world, and the world is ready for them.

Are you a state or community leader?

I work with gubernatorial and mayoral leadership, public agencies, interagency groups like Children's Cabinets or P20 Councils, and community collaboratives. I can develop and drive an issue campaign, build an advocacy agenda, support coalition-building, advise,  provide technical support, and facilitate. To see what this can look like, read this piece on my work in Virginia or explore this Virginia education network I helped start.

Are you a funder, nonprofit, or intermediary?

I can co-design and facilitate networks (e.g., Connecting Credentials), funder groups (e.g., YTFG workgroup), learning communities (e.g., JFF Leadership Academy), and fellowship programs (e.g., Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows). I combine skill with passion and personal connections. I enjoy work that cuts across disciplines, systems, and sectors. I can staff or advise on special projects, do field research, and produce publications. For examples, check out this report on youth readiness, funded by the Ford Foundation; this brief on competency-based education and equity, funded by Lumina Foundation; this ecosystem map of competency-based education in higher education, funded by the Gates Foundation; and this economic well-being investment framework, written for YTFG.

Are you a district or school leader?

I am an educator with a background in teaching, curriculum design, and school leadership. I taught elementary school, coached middle school sports, and led an education nonprofit that ran a high school for opportunity youth (Shearwater). I can design alternative and student-centered learning models (e.g., EPIC Schools in NYC), build a competency-based curriculum, and support community-school or educator-employer partnerships. I can help you plan for teaching and learning after the pandemic; develop and implement a local profile/portrait of a graduate; revamp professional development; and plan for a more modern and equitable public school experience (e.g., Virginia is for Learners Profiles).

Are you a Corporate, industry, or Credentialing leader?

While my work started with youth, I have spent a decade partnering with industry, corporate, and credentialing leaders to serve and support the "untapped workforce" in college and at work. These are young adult workers and learners or those who need better work and wages. I can advise your team on these individuals and how to best support them. This can include customized workshops and resources or creating more inclusive and impactful policies, practices, and programs. Through JFF, I have co-led untapped workforce efforts with several groups, including Hilton Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Are you another kind of leader?

Do you want to work together but don't fit into the groups above? No problem. Reach out! I want to hear from you and talk about what we can do together. If you are a news or media outlet and want to discuss a writing opportunity or interview, send me an email or reach out on Twitter with your idea and deadline: @stephanie_malia.

Narrative Change

Strategic advising


Network Management




Issue Campaigns

Tools & Resources


Learning Communities

research & writing

program design

focus Areas

  • youth readiness

  • child well-being

  • economic and education justice

  • P20 and Children's Cabinets

  • collective impact

  • education-human service partnerships

  • deeper learning

  • social emotional learning

  • student-centered learning

  • alternative education

  • competency-based education

  • new credentials

  • opportunity youth

  • systems-involved youth

  • youth employment

  • future of work and learning

  • regenerative economic development

  • untapped workforce

  • educator workforce

  • Care Economy


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Twitter: @stephanie_malia

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