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Whole Child, Whole Life

In a world that seems to grow more unpredictable and challenging by the day, how can we increase learning and joy for children while offering them much-needed support?


Uncertainty and disruption have created a youth mental health crisis that requires all hands on deck. This urgently needed guidebook offers comprehensive and scientifically-grounded methods you can use to support young people’s well-being, no matter what obstacles they face. Written by an expert with decades of experience in education, youth development, and social work, this timely and timeless resource includes:

  • 10 practices that can prevent and address mental health challenges and enable young people to thrive

  • Strategies for taking care of kids while also taking care of yourself

  • Information on the most pressing issues youth face, from nurturing healthy relationships to building community and belonging

  • Key takeaways and reflection questions for individual use and group discussion as well as “Try Now” sections with tips and tools that can be used immediately

Providing essential information, practical advice, stories, and time-tested strategies to help kids live and learn, Whole Child, Whole Life is required reading for anyone who is working with, caring for, or raising young people.


If you care for kids in any capacity, pick up this book right now. It's innovative, humane, solution-oriented, and both powerful and incredibly practical.


—  Anya Kamenetz, author of The Stolen Year;

former NPR education reporter 

Making It

The world feels volatile and uncertain. Major disruptions, from global pandemics to economic crises, are forcing us to live, learn, and work in new ways. Today's kids are growing up in the midst of rapid change. By the time they reach adulthood, things could look pretty different.


This book goes beyond the question of what young people need to succeed in school, to ask what they need to be ready for life. Explore the four currencies today's kids need to make it in tomorrow's world: competencies, connections, credentials, and cash. Learn how you can be a currency-builder in young people's lives.


Making It is essential reading for anyone who wants to ensure that young people are prepared for adulthood and able to thrive in changing and trying times.



Krauss offers the roadmap we need to get kids ready for a rapidly changing and challenging world. Her call for every adult and educator to become a currency-builder is one we should take seriously. This is a must read. 


—  Arne Duncan, former US Secretary of Education

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