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Teachers Are Not OK. Be Patient and Kind.

This Scary Mommy piece (~5 min read) is my first ever to go viral. Within hours of it being online, people shared the article hundreds of times with thousands of comments and reactions.

I wish I could credit my writing, but that's not it. This piece taps into the frustrations and feelings of every teacher I know. For two years, they have worked miracles to teach our kids. Now, as the life-threatening aspects of the pandemic are going down, they find themselves as the targets of America's culture wars. For many, it is too much.

The strategies I recommend in this piece are easy: be kind, show patience, have a plan. Simple acts can make a profound difference in the life of a teacher who is struggling.

Once you finish, reach out to your favorite teacher and let them know you're thinking about them.

Click here to read easy Want to Help Your Kids' Overworked Teacher? Don't Be A Jerk

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