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How Are Our Tweens and Teens?

The other day, I connected with more than a hundred fellow Brown School of Social Work alum to talk about how middle and high schoolers are doing. We spent about an hour sharing what we are seeing, and exploring the science and strategies that can support young people right now.

Tweens and teens are social, by design. They thrive on hyper-connectivity. Positive and healthy social interactions keep them learning, healthy, and developing.

Social and emotional deposits are vital and threatened in a still-distanced world. We must deliberately design and offer opportunities for young people to engage freely and fully with us, their peers, and their communities.

In this video, the first 20-minutes are a poll of my peers on how their young people are doing. The rest is sharing what I've learned our tweens and teens need to survive and thrive in this time.

>> Check out our conversation here:

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