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Caring for Kids and Families is Good for the US Economy

Last week, I sat down with Veronica Goodman, Director of Social Policy at the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), to talk about Making It and why investing in kids and families is good for the economy, and should remain a top public policy priority in the months and years ahead.

In this ~30 min. conversation, which you can watch here, Veronica and I talk about the transition from school to work, the currencies young people will need as adults, and my feelings on the Biden Administration American Jobs and Families Plans.

I had fun at the end of our talk when we talked about public policy. I am a second-generation policy wonk, and I got pretty passionate while expressing my views on what's being talked about on the Hill and with the Administration. In case you're curious, but you don't have time to watch the video right now, here's the gist of what I said:

  • Broadband should be a public utility, not a private commodity

  • Fixing our infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) will address physical barriers kids and families face when trying to get to services, supports, and economic opportunities they need. This is most true for those who live in rural and tribal areas. It's long overdue.

  • Cash scarcity and household-level economic hardship make it harder for kids to learn and grow. I am all for direct cash assistance.

  • A free P20 education system in the US is an incredible goal and tricky to make happen. If we are going to offer free community college, we have to make sure community colleges are fully funded first.

I hope you check out my conversation with Veronica and share it with others!

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