Upcoming Events

  • "Are the Tweens and Teens Ok?" Brown School of Social Work Open Classroom
    Tue, Aug 31
    For this second Brown School of Social Work virtual workshop, open to alumni and students, I'll be talking about what the past two years have meant for young people, and how it will impact well-being and future planning.
  • Children's Defense Fund - Retreat
    Fri, Sep 24
    CDF Haley Farms
    Children's Defense Fund - Retreat
    I'm thrilled to be joining the CDF team this fall at their strategy retreat. Together we will grapple with the needs of today's youth, their futures, and what we all must do to realize racial justice and child and youth well-being in America.
  • Keynote for the Southwestern Illinois School Counselor Association (SWISCA)
    Wed, Dec 01
    School counselors and student support staff have faced unprecedented challenges and stress over the past two school years. This keynote will focus on what counselors need to know and practice in order to best support themselves and their students now and in the rapidly-changing future.
  • "What Schools Could Be" FREE Virtual Summer Book Club
    Dates to be announced soon!
    WSCB Virtual Community Platform
    I'm joining forces with the "What Schools Could Be" community this summer (2021) to offer a first-ever virtual book club on Making It. Together, we'll process what happened during the pandemic, and use the book as a way to make sense of things and start planning for the future.