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What Does a Changing World Mean For Teacher Preparation?

In this ~1 hour-long episode of Teaching and Learning: Theory v Practice with Dr. Amy and Dr. Joi, I dig in deep with education professors Amy Vujaklija and Joi Patterson on what our changing world and kids mean for tomorrow's teachers and education workforce.

You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking here.

This is a conversation our whole field should be having. The reality is, many "teacher prep" programs haven't kept pace with the changes around them. Too many future educators are taught and trained in outdated models and methods. Not only that, many of these strategies perpetuate historic inequities and racism.

Educators need to be able to access knowledge and experiences that equip them for modern teaching challenges and enable them to fully prepare students for a changing world.

If you're interested in teacher prep and educators' professional development, this episode is for you.

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