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The Pandemic is Only One Disaster Today's Kids Will Face

This ~5 min EdSurge opinion piece is a plea to education leaders to future shock-proof our schools. It is something cities and governments do. Historically, schools have not.

"Most districts and schools were unprepared for a global pandemic, and surprised when it happened. This doesn’t have to happen again. The next time a big crisis hits, we can be ready to respond, recover, and prevent the relentless stress and hardship that have defined these past three school years. It is time to future shock-proof our schools."

The pandemic shows us what happens when schools are shocked by a disaster or disruption. While the lasting impacts of the past three school years will reveal themselves with time, we already know it has ushered in a mental health emergency for our kids, significant school staff shortages, and both a spotlight and rise in disparities and inequity.

We are living in a time of volatility and change. There are more disasters ahead of us. As a field, we are overdue to prepare.

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