Readiness, Opportunity, and the Right to a Decent Life

Updated: Mar 17

I had such fun joining Tom Vander Ark on his "Getting Smart" podcast, which aired earlier this week. I'm a longtime fan of Tom and his team. And somewhat envious. They get paid to talk to interesting people about education, write about the latest innovations, and tour some of the country's coolest schools.

Check out my conversation with Tom here (35-minute listen). It was my first podcast with a new mic, and I was very excited about it.

Big thanks to Tom for having me on his show and for endorsing Making It. Here is what he had to say about the book:

“It’s clear the old ‘checklist for adulthood’ doesn’t work. Krauss builds a credible case for competencies, credentials, connections, and cash as the new currencies of the innovation economy. Among prescriptions of what learners should know and be able to do, Making It is the first book that takes a whole person approach and deals credibly with the new economic realities and outlines strategies ‘where young people learn into currency-rich environments.’ The concluding chapter on Becoming a Currency Builder is a must-read for parents, teachers, youth-developers, and civic leaders – it’s a formula for building just, inclusive, and caring communities.”

- Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart

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