Preparing Today's Kids for a Tech-Saturated Learning Economy

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Amy Baron from Convergent Learning for her podcast, Upskilled, an Ed Tech Podcast. You can listen to our short ~20 min. conversation by clicking here.

This episode kicks off with a discussion about how today's kids are "disruption natives," meaning they are growing up in the midst of constant change, stressful situations, and unprecedented challenges (hello, COVID). It seems fitting to promote this episode today. My boys go back to school after an 18-month pandemic-induced hiatus, and earlier today the United Nations announced we are in a "code red for humanity" due to accelerated climate change and global warming, and its impact on every region on Earth.

"The book is so rich, it's so full of insights and strategies for young people, and for the adults who are part of their learning communities." - Amy Baron

Amy spends her days thinking about Ed Tech, so that's where our conversation heads. We talk about the role technology plays in kids' lives, both long and wide. Across long lifetimes, kids will need to be able to get on and off tech, at will. They will work with and for tech, but also create altogether new tech solutions. The width of their lives reflects the role of technology in every facet of life, from learning, to work, to home life, and staying connected to friends and family. This speeds up and intensifies their being not only disruption natives, but digital natives too.

At the end of our time together, Amy and I tee up a real worry of mine: what it means to have our kids on tech platforms, programs, and apps that are not designed with their well-being in mind. Technology that is created for ongoing use, and that mess with my boys' genetic possibility for addiction.

I can't wait to get my next conversation with Amy in the book. I'm ready for the two of us to take this on and figure out how tech vendors, educators, and parents can work together to prepare and protect our kids for what's ahead.

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