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Pandemic Play and COVID Childhoods

This USA Today article by Alia Wong features my kids and their epic LEGO universe, which came to life the same day schools shutdown, last March.

My boys have been home for most of the pandemic, and "Woof, Woof" has become their go-to activity. It is their escape, processing space, and space for regular kid-fun. It has also brought them closer together.

Play gives kids the chance to shift from surviving to thriving. It is fun and reduces stress. Play is a way for kids to explore their interests, do things they like, and spend time with people they enjoy. It releases endorphins and serotonin, "feel good" brain chemicals that are important for our kids' health and happiness. Play is the way younger kids process the world and take a break from it.

I have let "Woof, Woof" go on because I know play is meaningful and productive, giving the boys a break from scary things while providing fun and building skills. Let your kids play. It is a worthwhile use of time. And maybe next time, join them.

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