How to Parent a Future Centenarian

Updated: Mar 17

This podcast was special! In this Parenting Our Future podcast conversation, parenting coach Robbin McManne and I dig into the worries and realities of parenting kids during a pandemic and in the midst of so much change. Nothing was off-limits in this conversation, and the electric energy of our Mama-to-Mama conversation shows. We talk about mental health, technology, and how hard it is for parents to practice self-care.

Here's how Robbin described our time together:

" Did you know our kid’s generation is projected to live into their 100’s? Because of this, we want to make sure our kids live a long and livable life (because they are going to have so much of it!)!!

Thank goodness there are educators like my guest Stephanie Krauss, to help us raise our kids so they have exactly what they need for tomorrow’s world. Stephanie and I have the most fun conversation where we talk about how we make sense of the ever-changing world and how to raise our kids so they THRIVE!"

I really think you'll enjoy this one. I know I did. Take a listen here. (~ 50 min.)

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