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How Schools Can Support the Whole Child

In this article for Corwin Connect (~6 min. read) I offer tips for educators on how to start and strengthen whole child approaches. "Whole child" models have been used in education for years, but sometimes they lack a complete view of who young people are across their whole lives, and what that means for their learning and life at school.

In my new book, Whole Child, Whole Life, I propose a whole child approach that considers kids in context, centering their well-being and well-becoming.

For students to succeed, we must create learning environments and experiences that promote the conditions they need to thrive. Learning and living are integrated, and our supports and services for students need to reflect that reality.

My publisher, Corwin, generously provided me with an opportunity to talk about key concepts from the book on their blog, Corwin Connect. In this first piece, I unpack three priorities that are central to a more holistic "whole child, whole life" approach:

  1. Ensure "Whole Child" strategies consider kids in context

  2. Adopt "Whole Life" practices that support the long and wide of students' lives

  3. Prioritize student thriving in every learning environment and experience

To learn about these priorities and read more, check out the article.

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