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First Quarter Strategies Off to a Great Start!

Two months ago, I took a big leap and launched First Quarter Strategies. This consulting shop was born with the vision of helping leaders and communities prioritize the well-being and well-becoming of their young residents, from birth to 25.

Our children have the right to expect and experience long and livable lives. Science has made it possible for them to live to 100, as a rule, and not an exception. And yet, those from the poorest homes and most marginalized communities constantly face threats to their lives and livelihoods.

First Quarter Strategies is committed to working with people and places that will do whatever it takes to make sure every kid has the chance to experience a long, livable, and wonderful life.

From this operating conviction, I am so honored to announce our founding clients and partners (a few more to be announced in the weeks ahead)! These groups work relentlessly to ensure that young people, their families, and communities have the resources, supports, and opportunities necessary to make it and thrive.

Founding Clients & Partners

If you want to learn more about First Quarter Strategies' consulting services, including our work with these changemakers, please click here. If you want to talk about ways to work together, send me an email at

First Quarter Strategies is booked for 2021! We are open to opportunities in 2022 or after.

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