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Differently Wired Kids Will Thrive in the Future

I am such a fangirl of Debbie Reber and the Tilt Parenting podcast. My husband and I have listened to the show ever since we discovered how intensely one of our boys struggled with attention issues and anxiety.

I respect Tilt Parenting as a resource and community, and I always buy whatever books Debbie recommends. So you can guess how excited I was to be invited onto the show to talk about Making It.

My conversation with Debbie covers lots of ground. In this ~45 min listen, you'll hear why I think neurodivergent kids who struggle with anxiety and OCD are primed to thrive in the future of work and adulthood, and why employers want creative and caring workers.

This episode is deeply personal because I often turn to this podcast for solutions that will work with my own children. I stay awake at night worrying about my boys and their futures, hoping they'll have the opportunities, love, and experiences they need to have healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. I pray people will see and value them for who they are, with all of their gifts and quirks.

Would you please listen and share with any parents, educators, coaches, or counselors in the struggle? If you can relate, reach out on Instagram or Twitter. On IG, you can find me at @wonder_and_wayfinding. On Twitter, I'm @stephanie_malia.

You can listen to my conversation with Debbie Reber on Apple Podcasts HERE or Spotify HERE.

Thanks so much!

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